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New technology, new structure, new energy, new process

We only do high-end new manufacturing of old excavators

Jiangxi Yigong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is affiliated to China Yigong Group, focus on recyclable green and intelligent development and manufacture of high-end excavator, the new production technologies, processes, standards and specifications, implanted high-end engineering machinery remanufacturing, manufacturing high quality excavator new products, to create "beyond the remanufacturing new manufacturing" industry.

With the deepening of the policy of prohibiting the use of non-road fuel oil mobile construction machinery that does not meet the environmental requirements, the excavator remanufacturing industry is booming. But the remanufacturing of traditional excavator enterprises is just a simple repair, or the replacement of parts, or the recycling and renovation of "rust removal and paint removal". And the implementation of new manufacturing beyond remanufacturing for high-end excavators, well-known excavator manufacturing enterprises are subject to the drag of a large customer group and the need to maintain the inherent brand influence, difficult to get involved; Small and medium-sized enterprises subject to their own conditions, unable to touch. The company undertakes the core technology, core team and core equipment of the construction machinery manufacturing industry of China · Yigong Group, and has 50 years of industrial foundation accumulation. In addition, the core team has conducted more than 10 years of in-depth research on the excavator industry, and has strong technical research and development ability and deep understanding of the industry. And newly invested a large number of imported processing equipment and hydraulic system comprehensive test platform, non-destructive inspection and testing and other sophisticated equipment, the development of high-quality core components and intelligent manufacturing overall solutions. The company has first-class excavator whole process manufacturing equipment, and has more than 800 acres of production plant, more than 200 thousand square meters of modern production workshop. Development of high-end excavator "beyond remanufacturing of new manufacturing" industry, with favorable conditions.

We are the pioneer of the concept of "New Manufacturing Beyond Remanufacturing", we are the pioneer of the industry of "New Manufacturing Beyond Remanufacturing", and we will never slack off in manufacturing new type excavators with high quality!

Mission: Let the waste excavator revitalize, make it become a sustainable and valuable product.