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Dedicated to become the forerunner and leader of China forging aluminum wheel rim

Established in 2020, Jiangxi Yigong Hongxin Aluminum Co., Ltd. (Yigong Hongxin) is a subsidiary of China · Yigong Group. It is jointly funded by Zhejiang Hongxin Technology Co., Ltd and Yigong Intelligent Equipment Group. Company registered capital of 10 million yuan, the main business: nonferrous metal calendering processing, forgings and powder metallurgy products manufacturing, nonferrous metal alloy manufacturing, sales, etc.

The company is located in the machinery and equipment manufacturing industrial park of China · Iigong Group, a state-level economic and technological development zone with beautiful scenery and profound industrial foundation. The industrial park covers an area of 780 mu and a construction area of 420,000 square meters. It integrates production, office, research and development, training, product display and staff accommodation. It is not only a first-class equipment manufacturing base, but also a beautiful tourism industrial park.

Zhejiang Hongxin Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Taizhou, China's modern manufacturing base. Since 2006, the company has imported first-class equipment from Germany and Japan, and has built China's first forging fit aluminum wheel production line, with a complete testing and quality assurance system. Different from the traditional steel wheel and other cast aluminum wheel, the forged aluminum alloy wheel of Hongxin Technology has the advantages of denser structure, higher strength, lighter weight, more diverse design, more free processing and more environmentally friendly process. At present, the company has 550 employees, among which 56 are specialized researchers. At present, Hongxin technology has become the professional production organization of forging aluminum wheel with the most complete varieties, the most styles, the largest production capacity, the best quality and the most stable performance in China. The forged aluminum rims of the company have been underwritten by Zurich insurance company, and won the national "high-tech enterprise", "China's best environmental protection science and technology award", "the best bus parts award", "bus supporting the best recommended products" and other honors, is worthy of the name of the forerunner and leader of the forged aluminum rims in China.

As a leader in the industry, Hongxin Technology adopts vertical double-knife tower CNC lathe and horizontal CNC lathe to carry out high-precision turning and forming of the blank after forging and spinning, and then milling and forming once. Production of every working procedure, through scientific planning and practice in "radial load endurance test" "13 ° impact test", "30 ° impact test" three-dimensional analysis "" salt spray test" such as the eight testing process and product traceability coding to realize the whole process of monitoring data and the product realization attitude to quality excellence, commitment to product structure lifetime guarantee.

Yigong Industrial Park has first-class mechanical processing equipment, the introduction of Japan Toshiba machining center, Germany Isa CNC cutting machine, the United States Whitney CNC plasma cutting step punching machine, Belgium CNC bending machine, Austrian arc welding robot and other large imported CNC equipment; Domestic well-known brands of CNC gantry boring and milling machine, CNC planer horizontal boring and milling machine, double-sided CNC horizontal boring and milling machine, floor CNC boring and milling machine, horizontal processing center; CAD, CAE, CAPP, CAM, ERP computer aided design, auxiliary manufacturing, auxiliary technology and enterprise resource planning management system, basically realized the product manufacturing from blanking, molding, assembly, finishing, painting to the whole process of precision, efficient, professional, intelligent production. The latest development strategy of IGG Group: inherit the advantageous industries, manufacture new construction machinery such as excavators; Introduction of biomass energy equipment, solid waste treatment equipment manufacturing, transformation and development of high entry threshold, high technical standards, high value-added products of high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

Relying on the advantages of Zhejiang Hongxin Technology Co., Ltd. 's industrial manufacturing base and Industrial Park, Yigong Hongxin Aluminum Co., Ltd., strives to develop into the pioneer and leader of aluminum wheel forging in China. At present, the base has the first forging automobile aluminum wheel rim production line in China, and the whole process inspection and quality assurance system (spinning machining center, CNC machining center, heat treatment strengthening center, painting workshop, flaw detection and testing center). Independents research and development, manufacturing the first batch of domestic forged aluminum alloy wheel for card, passenger, car, the existing products of two series more than 1000 models, nearly half of the products into the United States, Europe, Japan and other developed countries auto parts market. The company currently produces more than 1.2 million sets of aluminum wheels with an output value of 1.5 billion yuan. In the next three years, it is expected to produce more than 2.4 million sets of aluminum wheels and related aluminum technology deep processing products. The domestic commercial vehicle market accounts for 15%, passenger car modification market accounts for 70%, and the annual output value is 6 billion yuan.

As a major country of infrastructure construction in the world, China has a great demand and market for smelting, processing and remanufacturing of non-ferrous metals including copper, aluminum and steel. Yigong Hongxin Aluminum Industry conforms to the development direction of the national policy, riding the "three carriages" of economic growth demand arises at the right moment. In addition to the high-end manufacturing enterprises (aluminum wheel, aluminum hub, aluminum baffle) which are specialized in manufacturing, selling and related products with high technology content, the company also focuses on attracting a group of entrepreneurs and scientific research talents with ideas and passion to jointly create a high-level equipment manufacturing ecosystem. To contribute to the country's economic development, for the further development of the blueprint for the industry.