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Located in Yichun Economic Development Zone, Yigong Metal is an innovative company engaged in metal smelting, pressure processing and nonferrous metal alloy remanufacturing, which is affiliated to China · Yigong Group, and is specialized in the production and sales of copper, aluminum and other nonferrous metals, as well as recycling of waste materials.

Through the implementation of the strategy of advanced talents, the company and its business has a number of highly qualified management personnel and the innovation of the management personnel and a group of skilled technical personnel, a total of more than 300 employees, of which 5 senior titles, senior technician 11 people, intermediate title 22 people, technology research and development personnel more than 30 people, and resolves the problem of more than 180 people in employment for the disabled.

Companies pay attention to technology research and development, aiming at the development of the non-ferrous metal alloy remanufacturing technology at home and abroad, with many universities and industry elite, especially the non-ferrous metal industry in zhejiang taizhou professionals established long-term cooperation relations, set up production, study and research in the integration of joint research and development base and the test in high-end products production base, And the development of non-ferrous metal renewable resources industry of intelligent, environmental protection equipment. Strong technical force, scientific and perfect quality assurance system, lead product research and development and technological innovation, greatly improve the quality of products, reduce production costs, save resources, reduce pollution, protect the environment.

2019, appropriate metal and copper processing industry giant heng chi group co., LTD. Was established in fengcheng of jiangxi province joint Jiang Xiyi copper co., LTD., the project with a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan, covers an area of 285 mu, total construction area of 150000 ㎡, the main production of new type wire and deep processing, with 200000 tons of copper melting processing, deep processing 30000 tons of production capacity, It has formed a complete industrial chain from copper resource recycling to processing and remanufacturing, and completed the whole process from waste to products, showing a rapid development trend and remarkable social and economic results. Total post-natal output value of more than 10 billion yuan, profits and taxes more than 1 billion yuan. After the launch of the project, the output value of the project exceeded 3.7 billion yuan and the profit and tax exceeded 400 million yuan in 2019. Advanced production equipment, scientific and perfect process flow, powerful technology research and development ability and modern management mechanism are the important guarantee for the company to achieve its goals.

Since the operation of the project, the business has been growing and growing, and the upstream and downstream enterprises have established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship. With large-scale production, multi-variety management characteristics and the principle of small profits and quick turnover, the project has quickly won the market recognition and the trust of our customers.

Future, appropriate working metal to more closely and constant group co., LTD., and in combination with more advantages of zhejiang taizhou enterprises, relying on the parent company should be working group of powerful technology, management, equipment manufacturing and other resources, zheshang abundant capital and understanding of this industry and advanced manufacturing technology and management idea, will make the goal of more than 50 billion yuan output value of the enterprise, Continuously to the high-end industry and quality and benefit oriented direction, and constantly extend the industrial chain, broaden the product line. In the next 3 to 5 years, the company will build 10 manufacturing bases nationwide, with an annual processing capacity of more than 1.5 million tons of waste nonferrous metals, and a deep processing capacity of more than 5 billion yuan, mainly in copper alloy, aluminum alloy, new wire, sanitary ware valves, fire sprinkler, etc. It has become a non-ferrous metal processing and remanufacturing private enterprise with reasonable industrial layout, advanced technology and complete industrial chain, highly competitive in the market, leading in the industry scale and the best economic benefits.