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To build a first-class green energy resource utilization enterprise in China

Jiangxi Yigong Straw Carbonization Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as straw Technology) belongs to China Yigong Group. It is a technology-oriented company mainly engaged in energy utilization of agricultural and forestry wastes and investment and operation of bamboo industrial park, and mainly engaged in distributed clean heat energy supply and production of core products of bamboo industry.

The company adheres to the development vision of "building a domestic first-class green energy resource utilization enterprise", adheres to the development path of "independent research and development, first strong then big", aims at the opportunity of national vigorously developing energy saving and emission reduction, clean production and green energy industry, and responds to the "two big" environmental protection storm of banning straw burning and eliminating coal-fired boilers. The system solves the industrial pain points such as the industrialization of energy utilization of agricultural and forestry wastes and the small scale, low degree of automation and serious environmental pollution of bamboo industry.

The company has a high-quality talent team and a sound technology research and development system. The core team is formed by entrepreneurs with profound industrial background and production and operation advantages and a group of senior environmental experts. The company has strong technology research and development ability, rich engineering practice experience and strong comprehensive development ability of resource utilization. It has successfully developed advanced equipment and technology for energy conversion and large-scale utilization of agricultural and forestry wastes, especially crop straw. It has applied for intellectual property patent protection for more than 50 core technologies. The distributed heat energy supply system and the core product operation system of the bamboo industry have been established to provide users with high-quality and cost-effective clean heat energy, bamboo strips and bamboo charcoal products.

Company has built thermal energy production model base and bamboo cane, bamboo charcoal processing equipment production line, and origin of "blue" is within the scope of the national development plan, strive to build 1000 within three years a thermal plant and 20 kechuang garden bamboo industry, first to become a domestic waste energy-oriented use leading enterprises of agriculture and forestry and bamboo cane, bamboo charcoal processing enterprises, To become the leader of comprehensive utilization of agricultural and forestry waste and the indispensable raw material supplier of bamboo industry chain.

The company is willing to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign governments and friends from all walks of life, work together, win-win cooperation, for ecological environmental protection, green energy development and bamboo industry growth, make due contributions.