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Yigong Science and Technology Innovation Park is a platform to incubate technology projects and form industrialization

Yigong Science and Technology Park takes the machinery manufacturing industrial Park of the Group as the platform to attract a number of equipment manufacturing enterprises with good development prospects and high Technology content, especially electromechanical remanufacturing enterprises to enter the Park for development. Attract a number of thoughtful and passionate entrepreneurs and scientific research talents, build an entrepreneurial ecosystem from "mass innovation space -- incubation period -- acceleration period -- industrialization", and jointly create a high-level equipment manufacturing ecosystem.

Yigong Science and Technology Park has first-class mechanical processing equipment. Including Japan Toshiba machining center, Germany ESA CNC cutting machine, the United States Whitney CNC plasma cutting step punching machine, Belgium CNC bending machine, Aodili arc welding robot and other large imported CNC equipment; Domestic well-known brands of CNC gantry boring and milling machine, CNC planer horizontal boring and milling machine, double-sided CNC horizontal boring and milling machine, floor CNC boring and milling machine, horizontal processing center; CAD, CAE, CAPP, CAM, ERP computer aided design, auxiliary manufacturing, auxiliary technology and enterprise resource planning management system, mechanical manufacturing from blanking, molding, assembly, finishing, painting to the final assembly and other processes to achieve precision, efficient, professional, intelligent production.

Yigong Science and Technology Park provides one-stop comprehensive supporting services. The Park not only provides a set of industrial production, corporate office, staff accommodation, sports and entertainment integration of move-in services, but also provides personalized and one-stop services in development space, capital operation, human resources, legal affairs, finance, training and other aspects for enterprises. The company will also cooperate with domestic universities and research institutes to introduce research teams in the form of jointly building R&D centers and research institutes to serve the leading industries and common key technology R&D and innovation of enterprises in the park. Actively deepen cooperation with financial institutions and provide high-level services to enterprises in the park. In the future, a number of enterprises in machinery and equipment manufacturing, new e-commerce, new finance and characteristic industries will be introduced to form a synergistic development effect and create an industrial agglomeration area of recycling waste resources of machinery and equipment and a unicorn of the segmented industry.

The park has introduced 3 engineering machinery remanufacturing enterprises, 1 new energy equipment manufacturing enterprise and 1 environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprise. Strive to gather more than 10 scientific research institutions, more than 15 high-level innovation teams, more than 30 introduced projects, cultivate and introduce more than 30 high-level entrepreneurial teams, and more than 100 high-level entrepreneurial talents within three years, and become a demonstration of the optimization combination of intelligence and capital, and the deep integration of technology and industry. To become the most attractive and distinctive equipment manufacturing innovation and entrepreneurship base in Yichun and even the central region.