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YIGONG Intelligent Equipment Group Co., Ltd. (China · YIGONG Group) is a high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production of construction machinery, biomass energy equipment, solid waste treatment equipment and other equipment.

Company has a long history and was established in 1969, the production of loaders, excavators, sanitation machinery, concrete machinery, special vehicles, etc., is the earliest production of one of the "four large family" of wheel loader, construction machinery well-known brands, in the national machinery industry 500 strong, hear of runway sets industry, government, the people's pride in one. Jiangxi Province is a banner of equipment manufacturing industry.

The wave of reform tao sand, the company after ups and downs, listed and delisted, restructuring twists and turns. The company has been fortunate, though not bankrupt, to have been put out of business, and to have continued to grow, though the road has been rocky.

In 2009, Zhejiang businessmen participated in the restructuring and full management, has invested more than 1 billion yuan, in Yichun Economic and Technological Development Zone to build a modern machinery and equipment manufacturing industrial park covering an area of 800 mu, construction area of 420,000 square meters. The whole park has a high starting point planning, high quality construction and high level of supporting facilities, which integrates production, office, research and development, training, product display and staff accommodation. It is not only a first-class equipment manufacturing base, but also a beautiful tourism industrial park. The introduction of Japan Toshiba machining center, Germany ESA CNC cutting machine, the United States Whitney CNC plasma cutting step punching machine, Belgium CNC bending machine, Austrian arc welding robot and other large imported CNC equipment; Add CNC gantry boring and milling machine, CNC planer horizontal boring and milling machine, double-sided CNC horizontal boring and milling machine, floor CNC boring and milling machine, horizontal processing center and other well-known domestic brand equipment; With the introduction of CAD, CAE, CAPP, CAM, ERP computer aided design, auxiliary manufacturing, auxiliary technology and enterprise resource planning management system, the product manufacturing from blanking, molding, assembly, finishing, painting to the final assembly of the whole process of precision, efficient, professional, intelligent production.

Due to a variety of reasons, in 2012, Zhejiang businessmen fully withdraw from management, in 2016, IWG production stopped again.

On December 16, 2019, when the company was founded 50 years ago, Zhejiang businessmen acquired all the equity, and additional investment of more than 200 million yuan, added cutting-edge processing equipment and the implementation of intelligent transformation of the original processing equipment. The new development strategy of Yigong has been re-established: inheriting the advantageous industries, manufacturing new construction machinery such as excavators; Introduction of biomass energy equipment, solid waste treatment equipment manufacturing, transformation and development of high entry threshold, high technical standards, high value-added products of high-end equipment manufacturing industry. The new structure of "five companies, two research institutes and one park" has been set up to undertake the research and development, production and supporting of the three core industries. Among them, the Science and Technology Innovation Park focuses on introducing relevant strategic emerging industries and gathering a group of passionate entrepreneurs. At present, three remanufacturing enterprises of concrete machinery, truck crane and construction machinery have entered the park, striving to build an industrial agglomeration area for recycling waste resources of machinery and equipment. It is planned to introduce new e-commerce, new manufacturing, new finance and other industries to settle in, gradually form a development model of multi-sector coordination and multi-industry linkage, and cultivate a number of unicorns of segmented industries. At the same time, the introduction of non-ferrous metal processing industry, effective service to the main business, expand the scale of the enterprise, enhance the influence of the company. Strive for three years to achieve the output value of more than

10 billion yuan, profits and taxes more than 1.5 billion yuan of the target.

"So many things, always urgent, a hundred years too long, seize the day." Standing at a new starting point of development, China · YIGONG is relying on its 50 years of history, the core team's deep understanding of intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing industry, strong technology research and development capabilities and market operation capabilities to implement the transformation and development. With a more open concept and a more pragmatic attitude, the company will establish strategic partnership with governments at all levels, domestic and foreign counterparts, customers and suppliers to develop hand in hand. At the same time, the company will implement a large proportion of equity incentive, so that the majority of employees truly become the owner of the enterprise, jointly ignite the dream, jointly cast brilliant.

"Ten billion scale", "100 years of Yigong", this is the dream of China Yigong, we pursue with all our strength.