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Invited to attend the 8th Biomass Energy Summit Forum

The 8th China International Biomass Energy and Biomass Utilization Summit (IBS2020) was held in Shanghai on August 10-11, 2020.

Focusing on the theme of "Exploring the Road of Biomass Energy Transformation and Upgrading", the forum brought together more than 750 authoritative experts, government leaders, leaders of professional universities and research institutes and relevant representatives from home and abroad. IIGON Group was also invited to participate in the forum, and Vice President Liu Hui made an important speech as a representative.

General Manager Liu made a wonderful speech on the theme of "Development and Cooperation of Biomass Gasification and Heating Industry". He shared his views from three aspects of biomass industry technology research and development, high-end equipment manufacturing and biomass heating industry layout of IIGONG Group, and had a heated discussion with guests on the scene.

At the summit, Mr. Liu repeatedly stressed that YIGONG Group will deepen technological innovation and product research and development, and will provide sustainable technical support for the multi-dimensional competition faced by the development of biomass industry in the future.

Hope that through this forum, the industry from all walks of life more fully understand the rich foundation of Yigong. At the same time, IIGON can also get to know more business representatives and elite talents in the industry at home and abroad, promote cooperation and development, and bring sustainable competitiveness for IIGON's future development.

The rapid growth of energy demand and the huge energy consumption have seriously restricted the sustainable development of China's economy. The road of transformation of China's energy development is urgent. With the general trend of China's energy transformation, as well as the air pollution control plan and the need to solve the problem of renewable energy grid consumption, the development ideas of biomass energy have made a major adjustment.

As one of the industry leaders, Iggon Energy Technology has launched the first set of integrated equipment for straw treatment in China with regard to the comprehensive utilization and treatment of straw. At the same time, the group will continue to innovate straw carbonization and soil remediation technology, increase research and development efforts, to help the national food security, but also for the national green water blue sky plan "add green".