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The trial run of the integrated straw processing equipment of Energy Technology Company was a complete success

In the morning of August 3rd, Tao Xiaojun, general manager of Jiangxi Yigong Straw Carbonization Technology Co., Ltd. led his staff to the workshop. The workers, wearing overwork clothes, helmet and protective gloves, were busy preparing for the trial operation and ignition test of biomass raw materials and straw treatment integrated equipment.

At about 8 o 'clock, Pan Jianhong, the director of the furnace of the project operation, was busy doing the final check before the ignition of the integrated straw treatment equipment. After confirming the completion, he went to the second floor of the equipment, took the starting gun, fixed it at the interface, and then the ignition was successful. The trial operation of the integrated straw processing equipment will last 24 hours, so they need to stick to it at night to check and record the operation of the equipment.

The next day, Tao, pan Jianhong, engineer Zhou Xiang still stick to their posts. It is not difficult to see the smooth operation from their ecstatic expressions. "Compared with the successful operation and test of the integrated straw processing equipment, the hardship and fatigue are nothing at all. I am proud to participate in the research and development, production and trial operation of the first set of straw processing equipment in China, and witness the success. I have a special sense of accomplishment." Zhou xiang said.

Jiangxi Yigong Straw Carbonization Technology Co., Ltd. is an intelligent, efficient and accurate agricultural machinery equipment manufacturing based on the whole process of straw processing technology innovation company. We the trial operation of the equipment is first set of independent research and development of the national (Taiwan) the complete integration of straw processing equipment, through the scientific and technological innovation, reduce the production risk, improve operational efficiency, pay attention to the straw post-treatment process, completely solve the problem of the straw post-processing, sustainable utilization of straw cycle, truly realized the straw to the field, in the field.

This set of straw treatment integrated equipment is multi-functional integrated intelligent equipment, the emission index is far lower than the national atmospheric emission standards. The heat energy generated can provide heat source and guarantee for farmers' grain drying, which is also in line with the strategy of heat energy going to the countryside formulated by the Group, greatly reducing the cost of grain drying and protecting people's livelihood. The resulting carbon can be returned to the field on the spot, contributing to soil remediation and national food security. The integrated straw processing equipment developed by us will completely solve the problem of straw comprehensive utilization and make the straw resources high-value utilization.

"High station, high standard, high quality, high efficiency"

Mr. Liu, vice President of the group, especially emphasized the strong support to Jiangxi Yigong Straw Carbonization Technology Co., Ltd. to build the first equipment manufacturing based straw comprehensive processing integration equipment in China, its technology has industry subversion, can be large-scale promotion and utilization in the future. Liu also said that cultivated land is the "life" of food production, while black land is the "giant panda" of cultivated land, the core of protection of farming is to improve the integration of machinery, efficiency and intelligence, to improve the quality of cultivated land, effectively curb the degradation of black land, to achieve sustainable agricultural development has a crucial role.

National food security

Next we declaration and verification, the device will be included in the list of national agricultural NongCunBu farm machinery purchase subsidy, vigorously promote energy conservation and environmental protection, accurate and efficient agricultural mechanization technology, promote the industrialized transformation of agricultural machinery, to guarantee high value for food and agriculture waste utilization, also provide technical support for national food security and agricultural machinery technology upgrading.